Horse Mortality

The moment you purchase a horse you have made the commitment of your finances and your time. An equine investment is a significant one that must be protected. All Risk Mortality polices exist to fit your needs as an equestrian. The coverage is uncomplicated and simple to place. The majority of horses will fit this policy’s perimeters. In most cases a veterinary examination is not required on horses valued up to $50,000.00

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Farm Packages

This policy is designed to meet the individual needs of the the farm owner. It is a a policy that can be customized to offer a broad scope of protection. The is coverage available for all the various structures on your farm. Including your home, its contents, your barns and storage structures. The farm package will also insure you against the farm liability up to the limits of the policy. The coverage has limits up to $1,000,000 that can protect the commercial farm operator or the individual.

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Equine Liability

There a wide variety of liability exposures that are unique to the equine industry that. Many of these exposures can be excluded on a standard homeowner or farm owner insurance policy. Our liability policy is intended for the amateur or professional and will provide legal liability that can arise from your equine business. This coverage has policy limits of up to $1,000,000.

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